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I have a HP Pavilion laptop with the Windows Vista Home Premium addition OS. The hard drive failed and I replaced it with a 750 Gig drive. I performed the restore. It is running but I am having some problems in getting SP1 and SP2 updates on the computer. The error message suggested that I perform a Chkdsk on the hard drive.

I have performed the chkdsk several times and it stops in stage 5 of the check at 25% complete. It is in the process of checking the free clusters but won't go any further. Do I have a bad hard drive?

Dan Bowman
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  1. Probably.

    If you know the model of the drive, you can download the manufacturer's (it took my six tries to type that word) diagnostics and run them. On the other hand, I would just replace it out-of-hand myself, not taking the risk of another annoying failure.
  2. I finally concluded that my problem was registry errors in the Vista Restore disk that I was using. I installed a Windows 7 system and the problem went away. Problem solved.
    Dan Bowman
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