Which block for my GPU?

I have an Asus geforce GTX 550 ti. I was wondering are there any water blocks that are compatible for this GPU as I have looked around and can't see any.

All help appreciated!
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  1. welcome to the forums newcomer!

    firstly, are you seriously going to cool a cool card like the 550Ti with water?
    second, have you read the sticky in the watercooling section? its in my sig
    third, you could go for universal block on your gpu but in all honesty, the GTX550Ti is on par with a HD5770 in both heat signature and performance. overclocking it won't burn your fingers like a GTX580 would.

    i mentioned the sticky as there is a small section of how to determine if you want to watercool.

    btw, what other hardware dya have?
  2. Aye, no full covers that I can find, Lutfij is spot on with the uni recommendation, and some ramsinks to keep the Vram cool,
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