GA-X58A-UD5 Current Hard Drive advice for installing Win 7

Hi all,


Basically my question boils down to what is better:
OS on fast access drive but not as good throughput
OS on better thoughput drive but not as fast access?
I also have some questions on motherboard settings (at bottom of post).


I have bought components and built a new computer, running Windows 7 x64. My motherboard is GA-X58A-UD5.
I currently own a couple of SATA HDD's and am wondering what is the best way to utilize these drives for max performance.

My components:

MB: Gigabyte X58A-UD5
Processor: i7-930
Video Card: Radeon HD5850 Video Card
Memory: 3-2GB 240-PIN DIMM 256MX64 DDR3 PC3-10600
(I also have this in another computer) HD3 WD6400AAKS

PSU: Silverstone ST1000-P
Case: Cooler Master CM690
Fans: GELID Silent 12 PWM
CPU Cooling: Corsair H50 CPU cooling

My current hard drive configuration is:

HD1 (A 10K raptor SATA drive but only 1.5 GB throughput) has the OS installed on it. Link:

HD2 (Black, 3.0 GB throughput) for games/data/apps. Link:

I'm wondering what is the best configuration?
I assumed that the higher RPM drive would be the place to install the OS but I'm not sure.
Now I'm thinking maybe I should have installed the OS on the HD2 drive and put temp and swap files on the HD1 drive.
What do you think?

Here is the info I got from running HD Tac:
HD1: Raptor 100GB drive

Read Data:

Min: 48.3
Max: 83.3
Avg: 70.0 MB/s

Access Time: 8.3 ms
Burst rate: 116.5 MB/s

HD1: WD Black

Min: 59.2
Max: 118.4
Avg: 96.1

Access Time: 12.3
Burst Rate 172.2 MB/s

Also I'm not sure about what BIOS settings I should be using.

Current settings:
IDE Channel 0 Master: Auto
Access Mode: Auto
(no slave)

IDE Channel 1 Master: Auto
Access Mode: Auto
(no slave)

SMART: Enabled

Integrated Peripherals Settings:

eXtream Hard Drive (XHD): Disabled
ICH SATA Control Mode: IDE

SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode: Enabled
eSata Contoller: Enabled (might use this later)
eSata Ctrl Mode: IDE

GSATA 6_7/IDE Controller: Enabled
Mode: IDE

GSATA 8_9/IDE Controller: Enabled
Ctrl Mode: IDE

I read that Intel suggests you should set the controllers to RAID. Should I do this?
If I do set to RAID do I have to install drivers during Windows 7 installation? A wrinkle on this is that I have no floppy drive.
Or is IDE mode OK performance wise?

Last issue is that I have another SATA hard drive I could put in the system. This is the WD6400AAKS (A WD Green drive). Maybe for best performance I should RAID up HD2 and HD3 if that is possible or wise?

Well that is a lot of questions. I apologize if this is answered in other posts. I really appreciate any advice you call can give me.

Thanks very much,


P.S. If anyone has any suggestions as to a good Hard Drive benchmarking program that is free I'd very much like to hear about that. I'm using HD Tac and the free version of Sandra right now.
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    Assuming you are just using the two drives, Raptor and Black, put the Raptor on SATA2_0 (really doesn't matter - can be 0 through 3), and the Black on SATA2_4 or 5. The ICH controller, in 'standard' IDE mode (neither AHCI, nor RAID) 'appears' to the system as two physical controllers - the first 'servicing' ports 0-3, and the second, ports 4 & 5. Get a bit better perfomance when they're 'dual channeled' that way. I'd put the system and program files on the Raptor, and the swap and data on the Black. The ICH is the fastest controller on the board! SATA3? - bah, humbug! (Good for 'future-proofing', though, eventually they'll get 'em working, and there'll be actual stuff to hook up to 'em!) Hook your CD/DVD up to either GSATA2_8 or 9...

    RAID is for use of 'pairs' (or more, but works best in pairs) of drives - see the RAID & 'FakeRAID': Speed vs Data Security section of the 'sticky'...

    On the "Integrated Peripherals" page of the BIOS:

    "eXtreme Hard Drive" to "Disabled"
    "ICH SATA Control Mode" to "IDE"
    "SATA Port0-3 Native Mode" to "Enabled"
    "USB Storage Function" to "Disabled"
    "eSATA Controller" to "Enabled" (if you plan on using the rear-panel ports)
    "eSATA Ctrl Mode" to "AHCI" (gives you 'hot-plug' for rear ports)
    "GSATA 6_7/IDE Controller" to "Disabled"
    "GSATA 8_9/IDE Controller" to "Enabled"
    "GSATA 8_9/IDE Ctrl Mode" to "IDE"
  2. bilbat,

    Thanks very much for that information.

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