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hi, i have £250 to spend on a graphics card, i have a amd phenom 9650 at 2.4gzh, 4gb of ddr2 800 ram and win7 pro 64bit, i have 2 free ram slots in my motherboard and need the best graphics card that will make the most diffrence, i know it will bottleneck alot of cards, now much will it affect the framerate on 1280 * 1024? and would it be a good idea to get a hd 5850 and upgrade my cpu to a phenom 2 3ghz ? or should i just get a hd 5770 or somthing, thanks in advance
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  1. for 1280x1024, even a 4850 is an overkill, never mind the 5xxx series i suggest you to answer these questions below..

    are you gaming? if 1280x1024 your gaming resolution ?

    are you going for max settings in games with AA and AF?

    Hey,can you edit your post in this format, as it answers a lot of questions that we may have, then we could give you the most suitable answer:
  2. I'm definitely watching this thread as I am about to pull the trigger trading my laptop on a Phenom 9500 system with 8500GT and the video card is the first thing I want to change out. I guess the question here is finding the ceiling on a Phenom X4 9xxx where video is concerned. How much is overkill and what would be the ideal card to make the most of these AM2+ processors?

    If I had to make a wild guess I would say 4850-4870 would eliminate any video bottle-necking without spending too much money.
  3. ^No 4850-4870 is too much as I've already mentioned it's an overkill.

    He's at 1280x1024, even a gts 250 could handle that and may be an overkill
  4. A 4850 is almost perfect for that resolution, you will be able to play most games on highest settings with some AA and get 60FPS on average. If you would like a card that gives similar performance while running cooler check out the 5750, it even offers DX11 support.
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