Comp randomly restarts under load, every time I play a game... wtf...

I just built this rig:

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-PRO/GEN3
Graphics card: (at the moment) GTX 560 Ti, will be getting the GTX 680 FTW 4GB
CPU: i5 2550k @ 3.4GHz stock. No OC'ing at the moment...
Power Supply: Gold certified Cooler Master 800w silent pro PSU (will consider 1000w for x2 680...)
HDD: 3TB 7200rpm 64MB cache
RAM: 16GB 1600MHz speed DDR3 (G. Skill RipJaws)

So the problem is retarded... I built this last Saturday and it worked FINE! Absolutely wonderful, then 1-4 days ago it randomly restarted AND lately when I occasioanly boot up the comp, there's an error, like the removable device couldnt be read or something. Like it doesn't have access to my 3TB drive... but I'm using it now. The way I found to bypass when it happens (4 times so far) is to manually boot from the bios...

Back to restartng, I was just playing Skyrim 10 minutes ago and BAM it froze made a REEEEEEEEEEEEEE noise. Why? I had to reset it manually. Also 3 times it has now just pff reset, or pff turn off. Why??! I appreciate all help and will tell you more info if needed. Just holler! :)

P.S. In the past I have recklessly overclocked my GTX 560 Ti, from 100% fan speeds, to +30% memory/core clock speed increase. Bad? :P I'm going to now just leave it at stock (when playing Skyrim, all was at stock but 40% fan speed, who cares?)

EDIT: Craaap I just left the comp idle for 20 minutes with nothing but task manager running, all other task were killed. It didn't restart but whenever I play a game i.e. Skyrim it just restarts after 5 minutes... why? Something to do with being under load? I just made this rig last weekend and it has been fine until recently. It seems to have been happening, little, then grows and grows and I need this fixed asap. Please help a brother out guys...
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  1. This is sooo annoying as I can't even play i.e. Skyrim without a random reboot occuring...
  2. Bad RAM- download and burn Memtest86+ to a CD, boot up and test one stick of RAM at a time.

    I had something similar and was getting blue screens with 'MEMORY_MANAGEMENT' as the error type, but not always.
  3. hmmm i hope so because ram come semi-cheap i will try in 30 minutes of playing skyrim :) thanks bro
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