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I'm building an Intel x58 / i7 system.

I'm likely going to get three 2GB RAM chips. If I decide to add more RAM in the future, will they also have to be 2 GB chips, or could I go with (for example) three 2 GB chips, and three 4 GB chips?

Also, again if I add memory in the future, does the memory all have to be the same speed, and does it have to be the same brand?

I checked the FAQ, but it seems somewhat outdated, mainly focusing on XP systems.

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    The 1st 3 sticks of RAM should have the same specs, including capacity.
    The second set (you will add) should be the same speed, latencies and voltage as the original RAM, but it could have different capacity, as long as each of the new sticks are the same capacity.
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