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I have a i5-2500k oc'ed to 4.5ghz @ 1.3vcore. Haf 922 case with Noctua D14 HSF. I get ~32C at idle, and running Prime or IBT I get ~71C. Isn't this a bit high for the Noctua? I was under the assumption it was one of the best air cooling you could get. Thanks.
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  1. I think your temps are nominal.
    Every chip is a bit different, and you have a nice oc at 4.5.
    Noctua is one of the best and quietest. Ambient temperatures and case cooling play a part.
    If you have a strong graphics card with an aftermarket cooler, that will contribute to higher cpu temperatures. Such coolers do well for the graphics card, but dump heat back into the case where case cooling has to deal with it.
  2. Ah, that might be it. I'm adding a fan next week, weird that when I look on forums everybody has mid 60's on Prime with the Noctua and I'm getting 71-73.
  3. Your case airflow has everything to do with the Noctua cooling capabilities it absolutely has to have fresh air input, some cases just do not provide that as they stand but sometimes you can do a little modding to get the airflow you need.

    Below is a picture of repositioning my front drive bay and opening a direct airflow path to the Noctua.

    You can also change out the cooling fans the pic below are Scythe Slip Steam 120mm 110cfm fans, to improve the cooling and looks IMO, I'm not crazy about the tan colored stock fans.

    You can also see in the picture above the rest of the fans have been relocated outside the case, which also improves airflow.

    Just a couple of suggestions.
  4. I might do that if it gets too hot.. However, I just tested 4.5ghz @ 1.28vcore and am getting 10C cooler.. Wtf? Seems stable though. Will run prime longer.
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