Build was a success! Thank you guys!!!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say my i5 build was a success. It was my first time ever building a computer. Took me an hour to put together and all went well. Had one boot problem but thanks to Shortstuff's boot list quickly identified - forgot to plug in 8 pin connecter.

The computer has been up and running for 2 days now - not one problem!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the help and advice.

My build
-ga p55 ud4p
-4gb g.skill
-samsung 500g 7200rpm
-samsung dvd/cd burner
-antec 300 illusion

I see alot of "help me, problem threads - and not alot of success stories." so just wanted to add my 2 cents.

You guys are a great help - especially for a newbie like me. I really doubted it would go this smooth, but hey it did.

I really would also like to recommend this build to other i5 interest builds. It went so smooth. The ga p55 ud4p board is amazing. It recognized everything - had correct ram speeds, booted from cd on first try, then automatically adjusted to boot from harddrive. I had to do no bios work at all, only checked temp's on it. 36 for cpu and 27 for inside case.
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  1. So the GA P55 UD4P is working well for you? Good to hear, as that is one of the two boards I am considering. I'm also using your case and HD. Which Samsung burner is that, as I may be using that as well (and would like to know if it worked well for you). Thanks for the post, it is always nice to close out a thread, and in this case your post was extremely helpful to me. Enjoy your build!
  2. GA p55 ud4p is one awesome board. If you have any doubts - don't - buy it. It really was plug and play. I mean I had to do nothing with bios, driver, anything. It did it all automatically for me. For 159.00 and the ability to SLI crossfire, you can't beat it.

    Samsung burner was just the 29.99 on newegg one - that everyone gets, ha. Works great.

    Like I said what I used was so easy, no problems at all. I would strongly recommend these parts for a very, very, very, smooth build.

    The g.skill ram also was the one recommended on Gigabytes site. Something like f106666.... I heard to buy memory that is listed under the compatibility, or else you can run into some problems.
  3. Congratz on the new build. Anyways, no OCing yet? RAn Memtest86+ and Prime 95 burn in testing? (I always recommend one run these 2 tests AT LEAST for a few hours each to iron out problems esp. RAM before it gets flaky down the road).
  4. Thanks for the info. Normally the compatibility lists are so limited i ignore them, but I'll take a look this time around. And actually for the board, I am deciding between it and the 'A' model of the same board. The A mostly adds fairly worthless things (at the moment) like USB3 and the next SATA, but it also seems to come with the Lotes CPU retainer (as opposed to the potentially buggy Foxconn one). But I will probably get the version you got since it is cheaper and can come in so many great combos. Thanks again.
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