Apogee HD Limited ed. or EK Supreme HF Nickel+Acetal

Hi just asking
Which is better..
The Swiftech Apogee HD Gold Plated Limited ed.
or the EK Supreme HF Nickel+Acetal
Thanks in Advance
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    performance wise, the EK's the way to go
    BUT the EK's have a messed up plating issue. so don't get the nickel get full copper version or the copper plexi version sans the EN plating.

    The gold plated isn't worth it IMO. Could go with it but its actually brass and not gold :P

    May also look at the Copper version of the Raystorm :) thas what i'm getting.
    What else dya have to work in conjunction with that block?

    * if the cpu contact patch is the only thing thas plated, then get it other wise don't sway your head to an EN plated Ek block be it GPU or CPU.
    ** there are others like rubix has mentioned - take a look around :)
  2. Quote:
    The Swiftech Apogee HD Gold Plated Limited ed.

    or the EK Supreme HF Nickel+Acetal

    My question is why only those 2 blocks in consideration?
  3. maybe cos OP hasn't dug much up and just shot for what he had seen :) and thought "why not ask on the forums?"
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  5. so you've only reviewed on a CPU block huh? when you thinking of getting your feet wet :)?
    thanks for the vote!
  6. Hopefully Op will leaktest so that his feet DON'T get wet :-)
  7. Ok number one the apogee hd has been redesigned and should perform better then the ek. And is on par with the new xspc raystorm.. and has extra out ports too.
  8. ^ that claim should be in martins/skinee and bundymania's tests... :whistle:
    hehe, modo and his jokes :P
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