Pc shuts down randomly

ok. i got a asus m2-n32 sli deluxe and phenom 8750. + nvidia 9500 gt + 2 gb ram. the problem is that my pc sometimes shuts down. with no reason. i monitored my temps/ and all are low not they are in normal range evan when i'm using 100 % processor. there is no dust . and when i power on the pc again it says that windows has recoverd from a serious error. (i'm using win7) . ty
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  1. First item to try is a different power supply.
  2. i thought of that . it's kinda weak 350-450W ...for my specs right ? i need 500+ ?
  3. Get a good brand, one of these in whatever wattage you can afford: antec, enermax, corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, or ocz. All are tested properly under load, not overstating their load limits.
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