Cpu 4.5Ghz and after 7hours. Blue screen!!

Hey there,

I'm wondering why i still get a Blue Screen after maybe 7 hours that my computer is on. Last night i was doing a Render of architectural and this morning i got a message that it close unexpectedly and in details the cause was blue screen.

here are my Overclock settings specs:

block 100
turbo ratio 45
Internal PLL on auto
LLC on Ultra high
VRM frequency 350
Phase control Extreme
Duty Control Extreme
Cpu current Capability 100%
Cpu Voltage 1.320v
Dram 1.5v Stock

my temputure on idel is arround 29-31°C.

and on full load is arround 65-70°C.

So i know that my Heatsink in seated well proprely ( Hyper Evo plus+ 212 Push Pull config)

system Specs:

Intel i7-2600k
Asus P8z68-v/GEN3
8gb Corsair Vengences

any one can help me with this??

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  1. updated bios for the mobo?

    sandforce ssd with old bios? (if u have one)

    have you tried raising your vcore a bit more?
  2. my mobo is up to date.

    Im using a Segate 7200 rpm 250gb Sata 3/gbs as my primary windows 7
    and using as intel smart cache a OCz Vertex 30gb

    that is the stable vcore i found with the Prime 95 full test for 5hr. so i can try again to raise it.. but do not want to fail on a render lol
  3. I would reduce your LLC
    really from all my reading LLC set at about %50 is what is recommended
  4. Intel guarantees only 3.4 on a 2600K. In fact most chips will do 4.0. Some samples will do 4.5 and higher; Perhaps 50%.

    Your chip may be one of those that will not OC that high. Bad luck.

    I suggest you back off the OC a notch and see how you do.

    How important is a few multipliers really, if you are unstable?
  5. Increase the CPU Voltage one more notch and test again.
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