Installing games on another drive still take up space on main

Hello all.
so long story short, i have a 650gig that i use primarily to install all my games to since i have a 90gig ssd.
i notice that even though i install my games to another drive, it still takes up space on my main.

not alot but since i do alot of pc gaming its adding up since all i have as my main drive is the ssd.

i do work on it (web dev) so after all is said and done and all my work programs are installed, i have about 20 gigs left. after i install a few games, space is currently @ 5 gigs..........

my question is why? why even after installing certain files on the other drive, my main still loosing storage space?
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    Even though you install the games on the 2nd drive, some files will still be loaded on the main (C: ) drive.
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