Laptop CPU advice needed (i3, i5, p7450, t6XXX)


I'm about to purchase a new laptop in Sweden and I've found some laptops that differ in processor type but are quite similar otherwise. The processors are 2-2.2 GHz, the RAM is 3-4 GB and they all have Windows 7. I will only use it for web browsing, video-Skypeing and similar, nothing graphical such as gaming.

"Dell Inspiron 1545" with Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 2.13 GHz cost 730 USD.
Some similar laptops with 2-2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5870, T6500 or T6600 cost about 100 USD more.
"Dell Inspiron 1564" with Intel Core i5-430M 2,26 GHz cost 1000 USD.

Initially, I thought that the T5XXX and T6XXX were slower than the P7450, but they are slightly more expensive. Which one is fastest of those, or are they almost equal?

I guess the Core i5-430M is the fastest, but is the difference worth the relatively large price difference?

My guess is that the one with P7450 is the best one compared to it's price, but I wanted to ask you to be sure.
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  1. p7450 is a good chip. I sell them pretty consistantly! The i5 will probably fare slightly better though..... maybe.
  2. For what you want the P7450 is plenty of power for you. The extra $270 for the i5 is not worth the extra money for what you plan to do. So go with the inspiron 1545
  3. The P7450 and the T6600 should perform about the same. From the sounds of it you really don’t need the extra cpu head room from the i5. I would stick with the p7450 it has low power consumption hence longer battery life.
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