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Hi there,

I hope someone can help me, I currently have a Dual-Core 2.5Ghz E5200 CPU and would like to overclock it, how do I do this?

Any info on the topic would be much appreciated

Thanx, Tristan
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  1. good guide on the basics of overclocking a core 2 duo

    A couple questions what motherboard do you have? What brand and how many watts is your power supply? What kind of RAM do you have. And do you have proper cooling? All will major factors in your overclocking.
  2. I have a G31 Elitegroup entry level motherboard, 450Watt power supply. Not sure what my current RAM is, just know its DDR2, will have to look into it. Don't have the best cooling at the moment but its ok, I have 1 40mm fan situated over my CPU fan along with 2 120mm fans
  3. Well i have a g31-es2l and a pentium dual core e6300 @2.8ghz overclocked to 3.6ghz. So you wont get a lot out of a g31 chipset, but a decent overclock. But if you want a good overclock get a good cpu cooler, look for zalman coolers artic freezer's etc. Whats the brand of your psu? And you overclock in the bios for best results.
  4. From what I can see mine is a G31T-M7 but everyone calls it G31 =/ I don't think my PSU is a good well known brand, also don't know what its history is for overclocking but I"ll try to find out, its a XGR (whatever that is). I don't trust strage brands I don't know haha
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