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asus has 2 model for amd 890fx.crosshair formula cost more the other one has 180$.i think that sound card and 4 pcie 2.0 solt in crosshair fomula make it expensive and in overclocking they has same this true?
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  1. The Crosshair has an additional PCI-e x16 slot is the main difference. If you are doing a new build though, you'd probably be quite happy with a 890GX board instead.

    It also has USB 3.0 support.
  2. It actually has 3 models: Crosshair IV Formula,M4A89TD PRO,M4A89TD PRO/USB 3
    And the difference is that Crosshair has better cooling and some extra features such has a sound card....
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    See the comparative of the three models here.

    The Crosshair IV have more features, a better power managed, better OC capabilities and unique features that rise the price of that mobo. Different network chipset and a better sound card. Don't support IDE drives and finally is a ROG series.
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