NVIDIA to ATI install process?

Managed to snag a Sapphire 5850. I am upgrading from a NVIDIA 8800GT. I want to make sure I have an smooth installation of new card with no conflicts from existing drivers. I was planning on executing the following. Let me know if this is good or if there are any suggestions. Currently running Windows 7 64-bit.

1. Take pc image with True-Image (Doesn't hurt to be safe)
2. From Device Manager, select video card and uninstall drivers.
3. Shutdown and reboot in Safe-Mode
4. Run DriverSweeper (from Guru3d) to remove any reminents of NVIDIA driver.
5. Shutdown and Install new card.
6. Install drivers ???

Definitely have question on step 6. When I first installed Windows 7 it automatically installed drivers itself upon bootup. Could not figure out how to get it to prompt me for location of drivers. I just downloaded latest Catalyst drivers (9.11) and want to ensure I use those. If someone can let me know how I force Windows to prompt me for drivers I would appreciate it. Let me know if overall process is sound or if there is some other steps I should perform as well.

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  1. That's about as careful a method as you can get.

    Definitely use the latest drivers from the ATi web site.
  2. Yeah, those are some pretty safe steps to take when switching cards. You shouldn't have any issues.

    If all else fails, you can hire a witchdoctor to cast a voodoo spell and pray that everything will work out okay.
  3. Thanks guys. Any input on Windows 7 install? As mentioned, Windows 7 seems to automatically want to install drivers and never prompts me. Not sure if that's cause it considers 8800GT old and already has the newest drivers. Would like to avoid windows installing 9.10 drivers and having me to install 9.11 on top of them.
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    Let Win 7 install the default drivers. That helps ensure solid stability and compatibility once up and running.

    Then go back and install the latest drivers for your components as needed.
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