Gigabyte MB wont OC after installing Dynamic Energy Saver

I have an EP35-DS3R with a Xeon X3110 OC'd to 4ghz...recently I noticed the OC wont hold anymore after installing Gigabyte's Dynamic Energy Saver...It only boots at 3.0ghz and wont OC at all. I read that DES affects OCing so I uninstalled it via control panel (Windows 7 64bit)...

Thing is the problem now persists and I can't get back to my old 4ghz OC.

Is DES not fully wiped from my computer, and if so, what can I do to get back to my old settings?
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  1. Have you gone back into the BIOS and made sure the DES didn't change settings that retard your board's ability to OC? I know some Gigabyte utilities on my Z68 change BIOS settings from Windows, so it's worth a try. Maybe reset to default or optimized settings...
  2. Figured out my problem...

    Somehow disabling Legacy USB Storage Support fixed it...DES must have enabled that when it installed and the setting didnt revert when I uninstalled it.


    Thanks for the help!
  3. So you thought that by installing "dynamic energy saver" you were going to be able to overclock your chip, and still save energy? LOL
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