Cpu load temps? i7 920

I'm abou to try to overclock my new system build i7 920 cpu but I figured I would run prime 95 first for 15 minutes. At load my temps average 63 degrees C with the low being 60 and the high being 65. Is this normal preoverclock? I know the overclocking guide on toms says you shouldn't go over 75 degrees at load and that worries me as I only have 10 degrees to spare from that.
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  1. Are you on stock HSF? If so those temps are fine but for overclocking, you should probably get an after market cooler.

    Stock cooler will not handle the extra heat well.
  2. I'm on a P6X58D Motherboard with a Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B HSF
  3. In a HAF 922 case
  4. My 920 hovers around 65-70c with stock HSF under load.

    Here's some CPU temp ranges

    60-65 great
    70-75 good
    80 decent
    85 bit warm
    90 better start ice me down
    95 it's getting hot in here, is the fan on?
    100 Thermal Throttling kicks in and water starts to boil
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