I have an SSD + 2 x 1TB Samsung Spinpoints HDD.

I have a GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, I have a Corsair Force GT 60GB set up as the boot drive and 2 x Samsung Spinpoint 1TB. The 2 x 1TB Spinpoints are connected to the (Intel I assume) two SATA2 Controllers and the SSD is connected to the (Again Intel) SATA3 controller. I don't want to hook any of these drives up to the Marvell controllers because I've heard bad things about them, so I connected my DVD drive to that. Everything is up and running right now, as a matter of fact I'm posting from the computer. The SSD is the boot drive and the 2x 1TB Spinpoints are in a RAID0 array. Unfortunately, the SSD isn't in AHCI mode I assume because in Regedit the mode is set to 3. In the BIOS the setting is set to RAID, and I assume if I switch it out of that I will ruin the RAID0 array. There is no way to seeming control the (Intel I think) SATA3 Controller so I can set it to AHCI for the SSD. I don't know what to do at this point. I don't even know what effect not running the SSD in AHCI mode will have on the SSD. Please help me out.
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    Any SSD needs to be in AHCI mode for maximum performance.

    There's nothing you need to do on your end. You already had to set the PCH SATA Control Mode to RAID (page 50 of your motherboard manual) in order to create the RAID-0 with your 2 Spinpoints.

    Any other drive connected that is not part of the RAID-0 array automatically defaults to AHCI mode, so you are ok.
  2. Oh wow, that's really cool. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Take care :D
  3. For INTEL Sata ports: Even if the Bios is set for raid and the SSD is On that port as long as the SSD is NOT a member drive of a raid array, trim will be passed to the SSD (since RST Driver version 9.6). The intel driver iaSTor (Intels equivalent of msahci) allows trim to be passed.

    As long as the MB bios allows independent setting of the the Sata II and Sata III ports you are fine setting Sata III to ahci and SATA II to raid, But DO USE the Intel 10.6 driver (performs better than default uSoft ahci driver) for the SSD. IF NOT, then still OK.
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