Looking for a new GPU for a 300w PSU

Currently, I have the ATI HD 4670 in mind, but do you think it will work with a 300w PSU? (12v rail only puts out 11amps...lol)

I have the HP Pavilion a6745f:

Athlon X2 (B) 5050e 2.6 GHz (45W)
AMD 780G (ATI HD 3200 integrated graphics)
PSU is made by LiteON

Do you think the ATI HD 4670 is compatible? If not, should i get a new PSU or find another GPU?
(I have about $200 to spend...)

Thanks :D
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  1. I know other HP owners have run the 4670 with good success on the 300W PSU.
    You can visit the HP forums and find confirmation of that.
  2. The HD 4670 will work on a 300 watt PSU.

    But if you want something better, you will need a new PSU. Let's see what we can do with that $200 budget.

    Try this paring:

    Corsair CMPSU-450VX 450W - $54.99 after rebate ($64.99 (before rebate)

    Sapphire HD 5750 - $144.99
  3. an hd 4670 runs perfect on 300 psu

    look on newegg for a few of these!
  4. Currently I'm afraid the 4670 will blow my computer up and render it useless... I'm looking at the HIS RADEON 4670 ICEQ - 1GB DDR3 though...
  5. nice choice they run smooth on 300 psu!Ilove the 4670 because it runs smooth on low power!
  6. Are you sure that 11a on the 12v rail is enough? I will be doing some gaming and i hope my PSU will be enough...

    Well my case looks pretty empty though... the ATI 4670 that i picked won't fit?
  7. You're good to go.
    The X2 5050e CPU is much more power efficient than one of the X4 quads that also have the 300W PSU and still run the 4670 video cards.
    Also any of the full height format 4670s will fit easily in your a6745f mini-tower case.
  8. HD 4670 only requires 4.7 amps.
  9. Alright... I know I'm a bit paranoid but how stable will it be? Also, will there be any room for overclocking?
  10. XrainX said:
    Are you sure that 11a on the 12v rail is enough?
    You have more than just 11A of +12V power. 11A of +12V equals about 132watts. You probably have double that - or 2 11A rails.

    Overclocking the CPU? On a HP? On the 4670... yes you'll have some room for OC'ing and it will be very stable with a modest overclock.
  11. No overclocking room at all. Even if there was it's not advisable with so little power headroom to spare.

    If you want to go in that direction, you need components better suited for that kind of operation.
  12. @ WR2
    I meant overclocking the ATI HD 4670

    My PSU in more detail:
    5.06v = 19A
    12 = 11A
    5.08vaux = 2A
    3.33 = 16A
    -12v = 0.15A
    +12vcpu = 11.5Amax

    Not sure if that is what you mean about the 2 11A rails :P
  13. XrainX said:

    +12v = 11A
    +12vcpu = 11.5Amax
    Not sure if that is what you mean about the 2 11A rails :P

    Looks like 2 +12V rails to me.

    Here is a whomping Core 2 Quad QX9770 / X48 motherboard running a 4670 and barely drawing 218 watts at the wall. That means the PSU is pulling less than 200W DC from the PSU. Your system will use less power.


    Stick with 4670 OC'ing through the ATI Overdrive CCC and you'll be fine.
  14. Alright thanks a lot! Here's another big question... is there any other graphic card that I can run on my system that is better than the 4670? :P (I don't have a separate power cable to connect the PSU directly to the graphics card)
  15. nVidia just released the G 240 that supposedly doesn't require a PCI-e power connector and is more powerful than the HD 4670 but being so new I've not had time myself to understand its nuances yet.
  16. HD 4670 doesnt require a 6 pin PCI-e power connector.
    GTS 240 uses slightly more power but is also slightly higher performance too.
    HD 4650 is a >65W video card and would rank 3rd behind the 4670 in performance but slightly ahead of the GTS 220 which uses the least power.
  17. OK - found a benchmark report on the GT 240 here @ THG.
    Seems its the 1GB OC model GTS 240 that uses more power than HD 4670.
    Some of the other models use less power and get higher performance scores.
    The THG review is worth a read....GeForce GT 240: Low Power, High Performance, Sub-$100
    and I think you've found yourself a new video card.
  18. I'm looking into the GT 240 right now... and it is quite promising!
  19. Almost twice the price though.

    But that's definitely a lot of power for a non-6 pin GPU.
  20. That's definitely a downside...
  21. The item that stood out for me in the benchmarking was the minimum FPS lead of theGT 240s. In some cases that difference was pretty impressive vs the HD 4670.
    The Min FPS is where I like to look when Im deciding if a card can offer good 'game-ability'.
  22. That is true, but the problem that I have found is that the GT 240 isn't commonly sold :( I prefer not to use Newegg because of their shipping method (UPS). They have insane brokerage fees for crossing the border. (I live up in the North!)
  23. The 240 scored that with 3 factors. 1 GB vs 512 MB (yes, I saw one of the 240's was also just 512), GDDR5 vs GDDR3, and overclocked vs stock.

    To be honest, they didn't do a very good job comparing it directly with the HD 4670. Certainly results would not have been much more favorable for the HD 4670 had they been more apples to apples but you are paying a price premium for that performance...as per usual.

    nVidia definitely took the mainstream performance to power ratio crown with this one.
  24. @ NCIX
    XFX GeForce GT 240 550MHZ 1GB $115CAD
    XFX Radeon HD 4670 750MHZ 1GB $74 CAD
    I'd say the cards are fairly priced vs performance ratio. You can let your credit card decided.
    Looks like the 4670 with an OC gives a pretty good bang for the Loonie while the GT 240 slips into the top 300W video card slot for now.
  25. If i was to go with the GT 240, would the GDDR5 or GDDR3 version be best?
  26. GDDR5 rapes GDDR3
  27. WR2 said:
    @ NCIX
    XFX GeForce GT 240 550MHZ 1GB $115CAD
    XFX Radeon HD 4670 750MHZ 1GB $74 CAD
    I'd say the cards are fairly priced vs performance ratio. You can let your credit card decided.
    Looks like the 4670 with an OC gives a pretty good bang for the Loonie while the GT 240 slips into the top 300W video card slot for now.

    You've gotta be joking trying to get this guy to pay $115 for that GT 240. He sure as heck will not be using that full 1GB of memory first of all, and second the GT 240 is a joke. You can pay the same amount of money and get a GTS 250 (neglecting these power concerns, and not with the prices on that website) -- it's a horrible price/performance ratio so you've gotta be kidding yourself. As far as the Tom's review on the GT 240, the two cards benchmarked are overclocked and one of them uses GDDR5 making them both over at least $110 which moves them out of any kind of sane recommendation, lest we forget they require more power. You'll see in this review that GT 240 loses in some games like Quake Wars, Left 4 Dead 2, World in Conflict and Crysis Warhead, and in others it only eeks out around a 5 FPS difference.

    A 4650 and 4670 are the only logical options here. Also, that XFX card you chose is junk; it uses DDR2. I'd get him one of the 512MB versions to save money, but it doesn't appear there's much of a difference in price on this site you're using. If I knew any canadian e-tailers I'd gladly find you a better price.

    Powercolor Radeon HD 4670 PCs 750MHZ 1GB 1.6GHZ GDDR3 HDMI DVI VGA PCI-E Video Card

    The XFX double lifetime warranty is not worth anything in situation -- by the time he wants to relieve himself of this card, no manufacturer warranty is gonna make or break any deals if he even tries to sell it because it's already outdated and by that time the low-end five series cards will be out and without a doubt better.
  28. 512MB GDDR5 memory for 105.99! with cod4 dude, 4670 gets owned by the 240 dude!
  29. chevymaster said:

    If we're going to use Newegg pricing we're looking at twice the price for 10-20% more performance (not to mention sometimes it loses?). At that price range he should just get an HD 4770... You'll see it easily outperforms it in this review from Guru3D and sometimes even beats the GTS 250 while only using 20 more (280W @ 100% load vs 300W) watts than the GT 240. Source for the power estimates are here for the HD 4770 and here for the GT 240.

    Why are we comparing performance of cards that aren't within even $30 of each others price? That's what I don't understand about any of these GT 240 reviews, at the price it's competing with the 4770, not the 4670, and the 4770 beats it every time. And for that matter, he should be fine with his current setup and a 4770. With much beefier components both of those systems managed to stay at or under 300W, I don't see why if he's willing to spend the money if he wanted a GT 240 he wouldn't just get an HD 4770.
  30. True, but I think I would stay on the safe side instead of just getting a fried PC, if he wants to upgrade, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182199
    54.99 for 530w psu and its 80 plus certified, it should give at least 420 watts.
  31. I'm not seeing where the 4770 and GT240 are the same price. I can get the GT240 for $69 but I have yet to see the 4770 under $100. Now I can find the 4670 for $64.
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