Atom or Celeron?

i want to buy a laptop (13'')
one has:
Intel® Celeron® M Processor ULV 723 (1M Cache, 1.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
and the other has:
Intel® Atom™ Processor N280 (512K Cache, 1.66 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)

i dont quite understand in this, but wich one of them are better?
what are the differences in the performances?

i need this laptop as a second computer for: internet, office, movies, some programs etc.
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  1. The Celeron is a single core, single process CPU and according to Intel that Atom is a single core, dual process CPU (it has hyperthreading) ... however, that along with Atom's clock speed advantage still isn't enough to overcome that Celeron. If you want to know which is fastest, the Celeron. If you want to know which uses the least power and puts out the least heat? The Atom. Unless ultra long battery life is an absolute must, there are better alternatives out there for the uses you mentioned. You will be much, much happier with a lower-tier dual-core Pentium laptop than either of those two suggestions.
  2. Also, it's worth mentioning that many 13 inch laptops lack optical drives... so that may limit your movie watching. Just something to keep in mind.
  3. Hell, let this list settle the matter...

    Both chips you asked about are on the list. Purely looking at that one synthetic benchmark, the Celeron is around 30% faster.
  4. for 200$ more - is it worth to take this celeron 723 over the atom n280?
  5. Wow. That's a big pill to swallow. Just how much are these laptops? If at all possible consider a 15 inch laptop... yeah, it's a little bigger/heavier... but you won't be paying a price premium like you are for that ultra-small laptop. If you absolutely demand something that small, I'd say it depends on how much extra $$$ you have lying around... the Celeron is faster... but man, at that cost? It's a tough call.
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