Pc freezes due to gpu?

HI i bought a new gpu 2 weeks ago and have been having alot of issues with it.


when im playing certain games (ut3 happens all the time, cod 5 happened once whilst i played for 4 hrs) the screen will suddenly change to vertical multicoloured lines whilst still playing the sound for 5-10 secs. or screen goes black for 5-10 seconds ( usually coloured vertical lines tho). then i need to reboot. there doesnt seem to be any perticular time that this seems to happen and seems completely random. sometimes i get to play for like 2-3 hrs other times it freezes in 10 mins.

i have disabled the onboard (3200) in windows but cant find where to do it in bios.
i have tried different catalyst drivers including the newest 1 released yesterday. each time i install new drivers i have removed the old ones using driver sweeper

do you think its a faulty card or other issues thanks in advance

my other specs
+ corsair vx 550
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  1. any ideas?
  2. I think that is a heat problem...
    Check your temps first and posting here...
  3. cheers for the reply the gpu runs at about 50 idle and after runin furmark for 20 mins it rose to:
    GPU2: GPU Diode (DispIO) 68 °C (154 °F)
    GPU2: GPU Diode (MemIO) 74 °C (165 °F)
    GPU2: GPU Diode (Shader) 70 °C (158 °F)

    which is not perticularly hot any ideas?
  4. Hmm, your temps are normal.
    Have u tried with another card?
  5. no i havent triied another card but everything was fine when i was jus using the onboard hd3200. ive tested the ram and that fine i rly dont know what to do now ;#(
  6. its should be there(in BIOS), u must disable the onboard first so your 4850 could work...
    But when the vertical lines appears on your monitor, it's seems like a faulty card.
  7. what would be the possible namings of the onboard gpu i know that evry board names it different but would you be able to give some examples plz. i thought that it just auto disabled the onboard lol im at the stage of just buying a new mobo and cpu+ram but was hoping to wait till after xmas thanks.
  8. Product Name
    Aspire M3201
    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
    ATI RS780+SB700
    AMD Phenom(tm) 9150e Quad-Core Processor
    System Memory
    2048 MB
  9. i don't have a mobo with onboard gpu, so it's difficult to me to give u an example...
    Anyone could help us?? Please...
  10. ok after 5 hours i have managed to figure out how to disable the onboard graphic. it was advanced chipset > surround view (which had to be disabled).
    GREAT i thought. i log onto window check device>display (only shows 4850) also gpu-z only showing 4850. i start to play modernwarfare 2 and 5 minuted in to the game white and vertical stripes appear. now im not an expert but now that there cant be a conflict between my onboard gpu i dont see any reason that it wouldnt work.

    so now ive just used drive sweeper to remove old drivers and have just installed catalyst. ive been playing ut3 for 1 hour so hopefully this is the fix. not counting my chickens yet tho. cheers for the help people
  11. again it happened after bout 1.5 hours ;( now im thinking only thing it could be is the gpu itself
  12. when the vertical stripes appear.... My only best guess is your gpu is faulty...
    To make it sure, take your card to your friend and try it on his computer, if this stripes appear again then you could blame this to your faulty card...
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