My wd 500gb hard drive is not working.

So my wd 500gb hard drive is not working. As in it is not transferring files to my laptop. As I turn it on the hard drive would start to make this clicking sound and then re-boot itself. Did I break it?! Please help me!! I have some important information on it! :(
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  1. A clicking sound usually means the drive is dead, especially if it's never made that sound before.

    It's the click of death -
    On a hard disk drive, the click of death refers to a similar phenomenon; the head actuator may click or knock as the drive repetitively tries to recover from one or more errors. These sounds can be the heads repetitively loading or unloading, or they can be the sounds of the actuator striking a stop, or both.
  2. aww darn :( that's a bummer.. Is it possible to be fixed? and thank you ^^
  3. If it's truly a click of death, then there is no way to fix it as this is a physical defect with the drive. If it's still under warranty, you should get replacement drive.
  4. once a hard drive dead then it shouldn't repair
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