I7 920 or wait for 980x

I'm about to build a new digital audio workstation.
Should I go ahead and use an i7 920 or wait for the new 980x to be available?
I'm willing to pay the cost difference, but I've already ordered my motherboard and other components, and am just trying to decide on which processor to use.
What's a realistic timeframe for when I might get my hands on a 980x?
I don't want to wait too long, because I need to be able to return any components that might turn out to be DOA.
My ASUS motherboard is 980-x ready.
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  1. The i7-980x will be available in March 2010 for a retail price of $999.

    The mainstreams i9 six core processors and motherboards will be out in 2011, and these are likely to be more reasonably priced.

    You should consider just buying an i920 now, and overclocking it to boost performance unless the cost difference between the i980x is of no concern.
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