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I am looking for some info on using RAID1 with my new system (yet to buy).
Has anyone here have tried RAID1 with on-board SATA controller using new i5 processors?

I am considering to use RAID1 but the only decent HDs available in my area are WD Black (No RE or SAS). Boards I can get are Intel's DH67BL/CL or P8H67-MLE (Yes I know, I have v limited options here :()

Looking around I can see that people say its better to only use WD RE drives or even better ones because normal ones cause problems.

So, my question, if you have tried RAID1 with normal SATA 7200rpm drives, will it slow down your over all performance? Or do you think it's a good way to protect your data. (By sacrificing small performance)

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  1. I have a Raid 1 volume under Windows 7 with a older the motherboard, it only slows down the writing, but not the retrieval of data. The WD RE drives have better reliablity and you will not have to rebuild you disk array as often. RAID 1 heklps in the event of a drive failure, but is not a replacement of a regular image backup and a regualr back up of your system. If you delete files or change your setting the RAID 1, will not help you to restore your computer or data/
  2. I have been running raid for ages now (mirror) and what many people never think about with "home use raid" is if the drives you buy are actually certified for using them as RAID. I had several mirror crashes before I even thought about it (took me approx 5 years). Also most people say buy 2 identical drive but I do not agree after all my crashes. I always buy 2 new drives from different brands to make sure I don't get 2 from same batch that later have a bad firmware release or similar that would ruin the raid.... But that is just some inputs from a old school raid man that always used intel onboard mirror raid =) So that's my input after struggling with onboard raid for over 10 years now but I'm sure others disagree =)
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