I cant install ANY Win7 x64 bit 7600.

Hey guys

Right this is new to me so ill start at the start.

I have been installing wondows 7 just to mess with it really
Now i did update some with a patch from the iso. I feel it was a bios mod so to stop the activation. ( still only for testing before I buy).

Now I cant install ANY Win7 x64 bit 7600.

The error code I get is 0x80070570. The first time I seen this it told me bootMRG was missing, but i no longer the same error just the code ?

I have reinstalled vista U x64 fine.
I have installed all x84 win7 versions fine
I have in stalled win7 x64 7201 fine.

I have tried to do the bootsect.exe /n60 all cmd and that didnt work.
I have made a partition and tried installing that still same problems
I did take out my mobo battery to see if that would clear the patch.

i think what ever loader patch i did to the bios is messing with x64 7600 builds

Does any one out there know or had the same problems ?

PS my system spec is fine.
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  1. You do know if you don't put in a serial number on install it will still work and gives you 30? days to activate which you can reset twice before it forces you. As such you could have had a legitimate install that was legal without risking messing up your system or downloading dodgy patches.
  2. i didnt till the last install. but thanks for the advice.
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