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Hi, i am having trouble getting my LCD TV to give better resolution on my pc. The TV only has a VGA connector (my best guess is the problem) so i am using a dvi/vga adapter with my Geforce GTS250. I have Windows 7, and when i go to display setting it only gives me 4 or 5 which all are poor quality. The TV is new enough to give better but need some help. Here is all the components i have. Any help/suggestions would be great.

LG 20LS7D (20inch with both RGB-PC and HDMI connections)

Geforce GTS250 (2 DVI connectors with newest drivers)
DVI/VGA adapter (which came with the Geforce card)
VGA cord (also came with Geforce card)
Windows 7 Ultimate (All updated)
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  1. tv's are different from monitors even when they are both LCD

    TV has a ton of post processing after decoding that a monitor does not

    so basically you have to get your TV settings match what you are out putting.

    1366 x 768p Resolution is your TV

    for my TV it has 1366x768p but what i've found is to set it at 1360x768 works better with my card. So i set my output to that and i adjust the screen to do the same

    ionno about the HDMI settings for LG as my TV with blu-ray is a sony I just happen to have RGB and 3.5" audio jack laying around works fine with my set up as i spit the audio cable to my pc speakers and tv but audio may be tricky if it's not the dedicated system

    This is how my settings are pictures always seem to work best
    (The pictures look grainy because i put the ISO too high on my camera tv looks fine)

    In short just because you send a qualified signal doesn't mean your TV is set up to accept it properly. Things like "Just scan" "overscan" etc to get a pixel to pixel set up makes a good picture when text

    so if i'm incoherent
  2. Yeah i have all those settings but it still seems like i should have a better picture. I have about the same PC monitor since (like 18 widescreen) and i set the resolution at 1600x1200. And in Display settings i don't even see my Geforce showing up, it just says 1. LG TV.
  3. And actally i dont have that KGO-HD in the first picture
  4. Oh KGO is just channel 7 i was changing it to RGB-PC haha ionno why that picture is relevant i was just snapping them.

    What is your screen set up

    1600x1200 is your pc monitor
    1360x768 is your TV

    What is your dual screen set up dual view or just single display to switch between them

    picture quality is good when you can read text easily off the tv my tv native res is 1360x768 maybe your really is 1366x768 just mess with the settings on the card and on the tv.

    1280x768 and 1360x768 come clean on my tv the other resolutions look bad 1024 and 1366
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    Below is the path for the specs for the TV you specified

    Based from that information:

    1) Your TV Max resolution is 1366x768....Its basically a 720P(laymans term) HDTV. Thats the max resolution you can get.

    2) The video connection available that you can use for that specific model are Component Video, HDMI, Svideo, VGA.
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