How Can I Make my System better?


I Just Build a NEW CPU.. That is just suitable for my Budget.

Now.. I'm really concern how could I run this System more Nicely.. and More better.. What Settings Should be Set on the BIOS?.. and Any Drivers that can enhance their performance?..

Here are my System Specs:

GeForce 6100PM-M2 v3.0 [Motherboard]
AMD Athlon X2 2.7Ghz [Processor]
1 GB Tanscend DDR2 800mhz [RAM]
1 GB Nvidia GeForce 9500GT DDR2
80 GB SeaGate [Hard Disk]
RISE 600w [PSU]


Windows XP Pro SP2 [Operating System]

I'm wondering if how can I improve the performance of this Hardware I choose and how will they will be compatible in each other.. Maybe do i need to set changes in my BIOS?.. or Add Drivers to those Devices I got..

Well my PC is running properly I just wondering if they can improve more.. :D

..Future Replies will be very much appreciated.. :bounce:
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  1. Which processor? The 7750, 5200?

    I would do the following:

    Add another 1 gig of ram

    Get an after market cpu cooler - although I don't know how well that ECS motherboard will over clock, probably not too well.

    Also, are you gaming? If so, you should have at least gotten the 9600GT, its a bit faster than the 9500GT. If you are gaming you need to upgrade the video card, sorry but no way around it. What games do you play so I can better say a video card upgrade is in line?

    Make sure you have plenty of fans inside the case for cooling. Your system runs smoother if its cooler... ;)
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