NVIDIA GT 240 or ATI HD 4670

I'm now deciding between the new GT 240 and the 4670 as my new graphics card. Post your comments and opinions on which one is better considering all factors. Currently, I think I am leaning to the GT 240, but I am not sure since I have a 300w PSU.
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  1. Yep... thought I would look for something more specific :D
  2. GT240 ~ 9600GT

    4670 ~ 9600GSO < 3870 ~ 9600GT/GT240

    The GT240 is better, but the 4670 costs $60. Get the GT240 if its price is $70ish...otherwise you're better off getting a better PSU.
  3. In your OLD thread I saw that your PSU has 11A on 12v rail.
    Normally good 300W PSU have 16-20 Amps.
    That means your is 300w Plus it is low quality(More chances of going boom!).

    So all you need to do is to change that PSU first then get a suitable card.

    BTW I'll choose GT240.Cuz Physx deserves $10(If not anymore!)
  4. HD 4670 is better in higher resolution, above then 1280 x 1024.
  5. what about the 5570 or the gt240? both now have gddr5 versions and ddr3 versions.
  6. get the GT240 ddr5. People may complain about its performance bt it indeed in one the coolest running and less power hungry gaming card.
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