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hello i am looking at upgrading my power supply. but when i look at them there are ATX and BTX??? from what i understand both of the cables from either ATX or BTX are the same?? if some one could please let me know. would be very helpful. thanks Adam
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  1. In some instances a BTX power supply will have it's cables on the opposite side so that when mounted in a BTX case they are against the back wall, other than that, no difference.
    Check the photos in these links,

  2. Normally an atx power supply is used with one of several versions of an ATX motherboard while a BTX power supply is used with a BTX motherboard. BTX components are not as common as ATX components. The BTX form factor which was introduced about 5 years ago never caught on. That's why you'll find hundreds of atx power supplies and atx components at online vendors but only a handful of btx components.

    Modern ATX and BTX power supplies have the same standardized 20+4 pin main power cable for the motherboard and a second smaller standardized power cable for the motherboard.

    Mixing atx and btx specific components is not recommended.
  3. thanks a bunch. which one would you suggest? I have a gateway gt5404 that needs one. and want to run a Fatal1ty gt8500 512mb pci-e video card. if could let me know either btx or atx power, and how many watt would be needed. thanks Adam
  4. so will that work for the gatway gt5404? lmk please. and thanks been alot of help
  5. Yup, and will give plenty of room for a decent video upgrade.
  6. thanks a bunch big help.
  7. thanx mr. igot some knowledge....
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