Pentium dual core e6300 bottleneck a 4870?

Hello guys, i currently have a pentium dual core e6300 overclocked from 2.8ghz to 3.6ghz. My current 8800gs has burnt out due to heavy overclocking. Now i have yet to decide between the gtx 260 and the hd 4870. Anyway straight to the point, do you think my cpu would bottleneck the HD 4870 much. Also my cpu is reasonably fast, as i get 12k 3dmark 06 with an 8800gs, and i have compared mine with a stock e8400, and mine edges it of course @ 3.6ghz xD. I am going to upgrade to an i5 750 and p55 board with 6gb triple channel ram, but this will be late in august. Thanks for the help much appreciated.

Computer specs:
Pentium dual core e6300 @3.6ghz
4gb ram pny @1066mhz
Nvidia Geforce 8800gs 384mb(burn't out)
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  1. no at that clock speed you should be all set there should not be much of a bottle neck there
  2. Building a balanced PC by Tomshardware showed that a P2D E6300 at stock 2.8GHz only slightly bottlenecked a 4890. A 4870 would be even less bottlenecked or experience no bottleneck, and at your speed it should be fine.
  3. Thanks guys :)
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