Is there anyway to overclock without support of mobo?

so i have a core 2 duo e7400 with an intel mobo which cant overclock in the BIOS.

so my question is if there is any way to let the CPU run faster without the BIOS functions?
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  1. To OC a CPU it must be done by modifing the Bios settings. To OC a e7500 you must do one, or both - Raise the bclock Frequency, or Increase the cpu multiplier. When OCing you most likely will need to raise vCore (depends on amount of OC. Also dependent in some cases on RAM. If you raise the ram freq WITHOUT changing it's multiplier, your Memory may not work.

    So of the newer MB provide a software utility that performs an OC, BUT it does it by modifing the BIOS - if Bios will not allow for a change in bclock, or CPU multiplier, then still out of Luck.
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