Help with a slight problem

I was cleaning out my system and was pretty much done, but as i went to apply my MX-2 Thermal paste to my CPU, i was having trouble getting it to push out of the tube eventually got it out, and got a little bit of it on my motherboard, and i'm worried about powering it on
Some of it got into the tiny crevice by 2 of the micro transistors between the SB chip and ram slots

Any ideas?
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  1. The board i have is an M4A78T-E and the paste got into some tiny space between 2 tiny transistors
  2. MX-2 isn't conductive. It shouldn't be a problem. Just clean it up the best you can.
  3. i hope not as i don't want to spend another £95 on a new board
    I've managed to get it down to a few traces of residue i hope i was worrying for nothing as this has been such a great machine
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