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My Toshiba C650d fell of my bed the other day :( and my hard drive is damaged. When I boot the laptop up I get no bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key. I have done some research and found out basically my Hard Drive is F*^K%D. I did'nt have many important files on there so I dont care about losing them but I dont wont to get it repaired as it will cost about the same as getting a half decent Notebook.

Is it possible to buy a New Hard drive that fits my Laptop. Would this make my Laptop boot up and start or do I need to fork out and get another?

If so how do I get a Hard Drive that I know will (fit in my laptop) with my Laptop.

Really need some help here!
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  1. If the problem is indeed the hard drive, then replacing it will take a standard part - they are all pretty much interchangeable. However, a new drive does not come with Windows on it. You will need to use the recovery CDs that came with the machine, or get recovery CDs from Toshiba.

    Opening a laptop is straightforward but finicky. I suggest doing it with a friend who has done hardware work before. Find the manual, which will have instructions on removing and replacing the hard drive.

    EDIT: I have not been able to find a full manual on line, to find out what size drive (2.5" or smaller) and interface (SATA or IDE) you need. Unless you have the manual, you may need to remove the drive, then go to a store and say "give me a compatible one."

    Good luck
  2. thanks i will try
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