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I have what I think is a relatively simple timing question...

The memory I have is this. As you can read, its rated for 4-4-4-15.

Now I was looking at my CPU-Z and saw that it was at 4-5-5-13. In BIOS the memory was set to auto timings.

What I wanted to know was whether it was better to leave the auto clock settings (4-5-5-13) or to set the clock myself (4-4-4-15)?

Here are the two validation pages if that helps...
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  1. It would be best to manually set the speed, timings, and voltage to the recommended specs. The RAM is rated at 800MHz at 2.1v. Manually setting the voltage is just as important as the timings if you want a stable system.
  2. Hi.

    You won't see a big difference between both 4-5-5-13 and 4-4-4-15. U can go with the RAM specs and see what happen.
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