4830 lag in counter strike: source-only on certain maps

system: e6600 core 2 duo

2 gb ram

radeon 4830 @ 1680 X 1050

250 gb hd

fresh install of windows 7, updated drivers

i will be playing de_nuke or de_inferno ONLY and get very noticable, annoying lag the whole time(my fps drops to 30-40 and my ping sky rockets to 200-400). any other map is perfectly fine. i just wiped and cleaned out my old drivers and installed the new catalyst update from today and no dice still. any ideas?
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  1. 4830 is a weak card for 1680x1050 gaming.
  2. i run every other map at 100 fps constant just fine with no fps drops
  3. yeah...I got 40-60 avrg on my 8500GT back in day on 1680x1050...Perhaps the stage is big and it is a case of write-reading of data to and from your RAM?
  4. so are you saying that it's my system memory or the memory on my graphics card that is the problem
  5. ...but I'm still not sure what any of this has to do with your ping
  6. Check your internet connection....To much data in a big map can be bottlenecked by a low bandwidth, causing your ping to skyrocket and throttles your game
  7. yeah me too atleast try gamebooster
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