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Hi all

Just got my new i5 2500k and a hyper 212 evo to keep the temps down. I have already overclocked it but I have two questions...

1. when I overclock to 4ghz, and boot up, for some reason, windows still says that my processor is running at 3.3ghz, have i done something wrong?

2. What speed can I go to with this cooler for a stable 24/7 overclock?

Cheers Guys! :bounce:
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  1. With the Sandy Bridge processors, the CPU will scale down to the speed needed to run the current programs running.

    You may have only set "Turbo-Boost" to 4GHz, but until the CPU usage increases, the speed won't.

    You have to disable "Speed-Step" or something like that, to get the CPU to run at full speed all the time, even with low usage.
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