870 or 880G chipset when using a discrete card

Hello, I'm building a comp, and I'm not sure what mb to buy, the Gigabyte 870A-UD3 or the 880GA-UD3H. They''re basically at the same price, the 880G one also having the 4250 graphic chip integrated. Rest of the features are pretty much identical, which makes me question why would I buy the 870 one if I can get the same thing plus an integrated graphic chip for the same price?

Just to mention, I'm also buying a 5770 card, so I won't really be using the 4250, but I wouldn't mind it for backup (and maybe for hybrid crossfire? not sure if the two are compatible; the compatibility chart is outdated).

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  1. Welcome to the forum. Hybrid crossfire won't give you any performance boost. I would get the 880G if they are the same price, but there's no real difference besides the IGP.
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