Overclocking x4 975 on stock cooler

If I just up the multiplier and not the voltage will it be safe?
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  1. what are you overclocking to? use bois and turn off cool n quiet. get a 30$ cooler then overclock. go to overclockers.com to get your understanding of phenom 2 overclocking. Im at 3.8 on 1.4 volts but my motherboard sucks, it could be lower.
  2. Honestly, I NEVER recommend OCing using a stock HSF. Get something like the Cooler Master 212+ or 212 EVO and you'll be much happier.

    Basically, most stock heatsinks meet the minimum cooling requirements for CPUs. Just not worth the risk.
  3. Whether you are using the stock cooler or an aftermarket one, do the same thing:
    Run the internal multiplier up as far as you can, increase the core voltage if you need to, monitor the core temps, and stop when you reach the suggested thermal limits.

    Use the BIOS, not the overdrive utility.
  4. I'm using the thermal paste that's pre-applied to my heatsink. I'm thinking about buying a aftermarket cooler next week.
  5. can you think of any coolers that are 35$ or less that don't require removing the motherboard?
  6. yes it has a fan on the side window. It has one back fan and I installed a fan on top.
  7. I could do that
  8. Is the XIGMATEK installed without motherboard installation?
  9. motherboard removal?***
  10. which one would you say is better?
  11. hey I'm back. I'm probably going to go with the XIGMATEK.
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