My Temps are really making me angry!

Hey Guys,

My temps are driving me crazy. I have a Cooler Master Storm Scout case, an intel i7-920, Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler, Asus P6x58D-Premium, 6Gb DDR3 1600 RAM, 3 Sata HDDs and a 1000W Modular PSU.

Well I WAS getting temps about 29-31C when just browsing the internet and idling and about 45C when playing games. My case has slots for 2 more 120mm fans so I purchased 2 more of Coolermaster's fans that they recommend for the Scout, installed them and low and behold my temps shot up about 10C. WTF. Well after talking to some folks here and on different websites, and after talking to my brother in law who is an engineer that specializes in fluid and air currents, the decision was unanimous that I disturbed the flow of air over the components and that hot air was getting trapped somewhere in the case and that is what is causing my high temps.

Well I removed the extra fans and my temps still have not gone back down, they are at the same highs they were with the fans. Is it normal for temps to go up and stay up like this, even after removing the initial cause? I have only had this rig for about a month or less so i dont think my thermal compound would need redone by now, and all of my fans are working and what not.

Any ideas?

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  1. In the process of opening and closing the case several times did you move other things around (ie. did some of the wiring move around etc.) as that can also interrupt the airflow.
  2. -Which operating system are you using?

    -what is your GPU

    -When you say your temps shot up 10C, which component are you talking about? CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD??
  3. Quote:
    Hi, check out these detailed video reviews that explain about the pros and cons of the the case, cpu cooler and use the Tuniq TX-3 thermal compound for best results. so you can get a better idea and make a education decision. go here and watch the video , you'll see that the Scout case is used and no extra fans added for low temps.


    Holy CRAP this is the second post I went to in a row and saw your ass advertising again. I hope the admins lay the ban hammer down on you since you do not help for crap all you do is spam your website left and right.

    Back to OP post:

    It is almost impossible to 'trap hot air' inside a case with such heavy air flow. Air or gas to be more precise will always go from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration - especially heated gas. That being said I agree with the above poster in that you knocked something loose when you installed the fans/meddled with your case. The worst thing that will happen when you install extra fans is that the temperatures will stay the same the only exception being if you had a HOT gpu and fan taking the heat off of that a blowing it directly onto the cpu heatsink - which is nonsensical in itself but more for demonstration purposes.
  4. I am using Windows 7 Professional.

    The temps im referring to are CPU as reported by CoreTemp.

    Well after watching that guys video he spammed, his temps were @ 24C idle and 29C under load with overclocking. Now Im just disgusted.

    I dont think anything has been knocked loose. I am going to try and re-seat my cooler and see if that helps.

    Right now my temps are 36,35,38,37 for each of my 4 cores.

    This is just frustrating.
  5. Also, I have 2 9800GTX+ in SLI.
  6. Have you checked the Vcore voltage ? - on some MOBOs if left on Auto it will provide more Voltage than is needed and this will result in extra heat !

    EDIT : With 2 9800s in SLI it could also be the fans blowing hot exhaust from the video cards onto the CPU causing the higher temps as those do put out quite a bit of heat !
  7. Well, the temps were significantly lower before I added the two fans, and I had both of my GPUs before that too.
  8. 45C is well within acceptable temperatures for an i7 920......
  9. If you have a side vent make sure it is taking air OUT from your GPUS.
  10. Terry1212 said:
    45C is well within acceptable temperatures for an i7 920......

    I understand that, but when they were once at 29C idle and about 37-45C under load, I dont want them at 55C like they are now.
  11. Frag Mortuus said:
    I understand that, but when they were once at 29C idle and about 37-45C under load, I dont want them at 55C like they are now.

    Idle and load temps can vary, particularly if there has been a change in ambient temperature. You'd be surprised by how much too. You said you've only had the rig for about a month so it's possible you just haven't come across the higher end of the CPU's temperature range. I can't say for sure though since I don't know anything about the location of the computer or the room it's in.
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