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Just decided i'm going to a local computer store instead of ordering online. One not to far from me, but anyway they have a vareity of stores in the area just in case there isn't a part in stock. Yet they don't have two of my GPU options that I had in mind.

The ATi Radeon HD 4870

& the

Asus ATi Radeon HD 4870x2 <- Was hoping to get this bad boy.


So it seems like I will be ordering the new Sapphire Vapour-X 5870 HD.Back then I didn't know the wattage rates for certain gc's until Twist recommended me to look at this [...] -card.html

Yet now since im stuck with the 5xxx series card I was wondering what kind of psu i'll need in order to adjust the stability level to excellent.

Here a site of the local store's website

BTW, is the 4870 HD GC gaining a better rare level as the days go on or something ? I don't see it in the site at all and this is one of the top store's in Canada.
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  1. Yep. Love that store. is usually faster responding.

    They do have a 5870 in stock though:

    I've been checking and the 48xxs do seem to be becoming more rare. Probably so they can jack up the prices of the 5xxx without people choosing to get a similar performing 4xxx series card for less.

    Your forum link is broken.

    The 5xxx series is better performance per watt than the 4xxx series and the nvidia cards.
    I'd recommend a 600W good brand power supply like the OCZ modxstream. It has a total of 504W it can give out on its +12V rails combined. The 5870 will draw 188W max I believe. You haven't told us what CPU you use though. If you want to crossfire eventually more would be a good idea though.
  2. Alrighty, I did hear good things about OCZ, Crosair & ANTEC

    Just to make sure that everything on my psu will match up to my graphic card i'll leave a reply with the specs.

    In the meanwhile some recommendation of psu's would be nice, i'll keep in touch, sorta busy for the week. But i'm hoping to make my computer upgrade's by next month

    So aim around 600-650W, gotcha.

    With this graphic card and psu upgrade, I doubt I'll ever go crossfire with this card. It would be nice, but thats why I was looking for the Asus ATi Radeon HD 4870x2... :love:,8-B-168779-3.jpg

    Amazing reviews, amazing quality & performance

    Thats as far as my crossfire dreams were meant to be... if they ever came true.
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  4. The 1200 is massive overkill.

    If you want a little more headroom, go with Corsair 650:
    Corsair 650TX (52 amp 12 volt rail)

    That will certainly be plenty for any single video card.
  5. of course it's overkill...i just linked to it cause...well...[enter good reason here]
  6. Or go with shovenose.
    With the [...] 6817139004
  7. If I happen to OC my i7 & the 5870, what would that make a difference in the V & W on the PSU ?

    So would it be better to go W650 just incase I decide to OC, I just read about power consumption, incrase voltage adjustments, and about making the psu max out my 5870; so I was just wondering how big of an factor that would play on the PSU ..
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