New gaming rig USD1250~1300

As the topic says, any suggestions? (preferable nvidia/intel, but if u can, pls let me know the diff with an AMD+ATI rig)
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  1. More information would help to get you exactly what you want. Please fill out the form in this sticky and post your responses in this thread.
  2. Also look at the stickied builds by usage thread for ideas of what you want.


    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: None, coz ill try to find them on a retail shop COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: n/a

    PARTS PREFERENCES: AMD or INTEL? (i dunno which one is the best for gaming atm, also 4cores or 2?) NVIDIA or ATI? (Ati has drivers issues rite?)

    OVERCLOCKING: Probably yes Maybe SLI OR CROSSFIRE: I don't think so, since my monitor only running at 1680x1050

  4. You are going to spending your brains out buying at a local shop.
  5. i7 920 (D0 stepping, if you have a choice)
    ASUS P6T SE (or The P6T Deluxe V2 if you want SLI support and/or improved heatsinks. FYI: both versions come with Crossfire support)
    3x2GB DDR3 1333 or 1600 (I recommend these:
    Corsair 750TX
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB (Consider getting two and setting them up in Raid 0)
    Radeon HD 5850
    Antec 900 or 1200

    TOTAL: roughly $1,200-1,300 USD depending on local prices and exactly what you get.

    If you're going to overclock, get an aftermarket cooler. I recommend the Noctua SE1366, XIGMATEK Dark Knight, or COOLER MASTER V8.

    I also recommend you consider a new monitor that will give you 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 resolution to take full advantage of your system's capabilities.

    Hope I could help. :)
  6. If you're only running 1680x1050, there's no need to spend your full budget on a computer unless you plan to upgrade monitor resolution at a later date. The only possible exception is if you want to max out Crysis settings at 1680x1050.

    Any other game, and you're swatting a fly with a hammer with the box you could build with $1300. You're looking at an i7, Radeon 5870 build that will destroy 1900x1200.

    You could easily get away with an i5, Radeon 5850 build for several hundred dollars less at that resolution. Unfortunately, your budget won't permit building a $1300 box AND upgrading your monitor at the same time.
  7. thank u all!
  8. let's say if ill upgrade my monitor in the future, shall i get an ATI or Nvidia (plus, isnt it AMD works better with ATI?)
  9. ATI currently makes the best cards(price/performance) but thats not to say Nvidia wont control the market in 2 months. AMD do not work better with ATI nor does Intel work better with Nvidia.
  10. actually in a gaming enviroment multiple ati cards work best with intel
  11. thanks!
    but xfiring 2 ati's w/ air cooling, won't it be way too hot?
  12. Not if you get a case with good airflow like the Antec 900.
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