AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE 125W overclocking on 140W asus motherboard?

Hi, this may sound stupid, but i was wondering about the fact my motherboard is 140W and my cpu is 125W, it will work, i am just wondering how far it will overclock and if it will even restrict it, im looking for 4ghz on a hyper 212 evo.


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    I'm pretty sure the CPU wattage rating just represents the max load it will draw at stock settings.

    For instance, if I put that chip in my old ECS with a 95w socket there is a good chance I would overload the motherboard.

    Your motherboard can handle a 140w load, and your CPU only draws 125w of power at stock settings.

    I would think of the difference between the two numbers as "headroom" for your MOBO.
  2. ^correct. the ASUS board is rated for 140W and its power delivery supports up to140W CPUs(and probably higher when overclocking). You have a lower wattage CPU so no issue. You can also always check the board CPU support list.
  3. Okay, i was just wondering if the 15W difference would limit overclock capabilities.
  4. No. Actually it might help.

    Based on experiments with my Core2 systems, a maximum overclock requires a voltage increase that raises CPU power consumption by about 20%.
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