Upgrading intel core duo 2 to i7??

ok so i have a toshiba satellite m500 and i want to upgrade it in a few months to a faster cpu i have a core duo 2 t6600 can i upgrade to the i7?? and also does anyone know if it can handle ddr3 ram
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  1. Because the slot types for a Core 2 Duo(LGA775) is different from a Core i7 (LGA1136/1366) slot, you cannot simply replace the CPU. You will have to replace the motherboard as will.
  2. You will also have to likely replace the RAM as well, since i'm sure you're rocking DDR2 with that setup. The I7 mobo will utilize DDR3. But since this is a laptop the chance of being able to swap all that out isn't very likely.
  3. and the better solution is to sell that laptop and buy a new one
  4. You cant simply buy any component for any PC. They have different sockets, speeds, and compatabilities. You are best off not upgrading PCs until you realize that.
  5. instead of updating this and that... i'd rather suggest u go with a new laptop...
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