Cpu and gpu overclocking problem

there's weird problem with my laptop that is have the maximum clock even without making anything mention and this caused overheating and performance slow down i faced that problem before and it's fixed automatically by time and when i stating a new copy of windows 7 it comes back again for me please tell me the possible problems and it's solutions
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  1. ahmedsafari, You really need to provide more information about your hardware configuration, however without that info I'd have to say:

    It sounds like your CPU is overheating and throttling down. The most likely causes of this are a build up of junk on your cooling fan and CPU heatsink or your cooling fan isn't working properly and needs to be replaced.

    You can and should clean your cooling fan and CPU heatsink every so often by blowing compressed air into your laptops cooling vents, paying extra attention to the air outflow vent(s).

    You should also be able to hear the fan working and feel air coming out of the outflow vent. The fan should be fairly quiet and you may need to put your ear right up to the outflow vent to hear it.

    After cleaning If the fan can't be heard, is unusually loud, is making squeaking or rattling sounds it needs to be replaced.

    If your CPU is overheating and you continue to use it you can completely burn it out so be careful.
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