NAS Purchase Help & Gigabit Ethernet Questions!!!

Hi All,

I am planning on getting a NAS primarily with the intention of multimedia streaming between my PC that I built with help from guys on this forum, (specs in my profile) my laptop (Gateway Intel core i3, 8GB RAM) and my DLNA devices (PS3, X Box 360, Yamaha RX-V671 Network Receiver)!

I have a collection of over 200 DVD's (which I'm planning on ripping to the drive and around 50 Blu-Ray's which is also being ripped) , close to 20 GB of music and around 20 GB for photographs and some home video! This should be sufficient for some time! (I hope) :)

My router is the Netgear Rangemax N - it is a Gigabit router as advertised, the LAN port on my ASUS mother board is also Gigabit supported and is powered by Intel® Gigabit LAN.

First question I have is:

1) What do I need to to do to ensure I am effectively utilizing the Gigabit transfer speeds? Do I need any fancy equipment, a better router or cables???

2) What is the best NAS recommendation you guys have for my need, I would rather not have BYOD NAS systems, any NAS with built in storage would be great - Capacity wise the more the merrier considering all the digital media storage space this would take?

3) Do i really need a USB 3.0 port on my NAS device, I have a WD My Book Essential 3 TB external drive, which I might return depending on the NAS device capacity - do you recommend keeping to back up the NAS or should I just return it?

4) Does the ripped files have to be in a specific format for DLNA playaback, if so then what would be the best format for PS3 and XBox 360 playback?

Please help - I'm kinda confused researching the NAS systems?

Thanks in advance!

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