Core i5 Mobile: Which should I buy?

After much research, deliberation, and agonizing, I've finally decided that, for my next notebook, the Core i5 is the way for me to go. I just couldn't justify spending the extra dollars for a quad-core; I'm not a gamer or a video editor, and from what I've read, the i5 performs nearly as well as the i7 in most instances.

So, I'm now down to deciding WHICH i5 is the right one. My question to you folks is this: Between the 430M, 520M, and 540M, which is the best choice for optimal price/performance "sweet spot?" In other words, for what appears to be only modest gains in performance, is it worth buying anything beyond the 430M?

Thank you very much for any insight you can provide!
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  1. First of all since you won't be doing video editing and you won't play games then i5 is the way too go.
    And between those i5's can you post the prices of them ?
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