Backing up files in a flash drive or DVD?

I need to make a back up of about 3 GB worth of files and some images, but I'm wondering what would be the best back up method between buying a 4 GB flash drive to copy the data or burning it on a DVD. I'm just gonna copy those files and leave them stored for a long time and i wanna know what would be most reliable way to backup.

I hope you can help me with this, because i really don't wanna buy a whole new external hdd or upload them to some online service.
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    A DVD would work fine. The life span of a DVD (as well as CD) is 5 to 7 years depending on the storage environment.
  2. ^Agree

    Also, a single sided dvd holds 4.7Gb of date which is more than the 4gig flash drive. A dual layer dvd will hold 9.4Gb of data.
  3. Some DVD burners will not handle Dual Layer. Check this before you buy Dual Layer DVDs.
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  5. Well, I ended burning all my stuff in a DVD, and for the sake of experimentation I also copied everything in a flash drive. I'm just gonna store those backup files for a while, and when/if I check back on them again then I'll see which one held up better.
  6. hello,

    backup process stored in CD/DVD. But, first to take backup from your OS.
    Means first create .bkf file in your system and that file to copy into the storage devices like CD/DVD,pen drive etc...

    how to take back up from your system....
    go to..
    All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Back Up
    Go to Run > ntbackup <enter>

    now Wizard appeared..
    select Next > Backup files and settings > next > Let me choose > next > select your files or folders > choose a place to save your files or folders storage devices like CD/DVD, Pen drive & give name of it > Next > close

    check your Backup files or folders ....

    How to Restore It....?

    All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Back Up
    Go to Run > ntbackup <enter>

    now Wizard appeared..

    select Next > Restore files and settings > next > select your backup files or folders > next > Finish > close

    check your Restored files or folders ....
  7. sir is that all?
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