5750, GTS250, 9800GTX+, etc.

Well .... A couple days ago I started my computer and found that when my XP loading screen came up, it would just freeze. I ended up replacing my video card wit a low-end one I had, and my system booted up without a hitch. I had a 9600gt in the computer before that was working great for me.

So I'm in the market for a new GPU. My friend suggested the 5750 because it supports DX11, and it's (for the most part) fairly future proof. I was sold on it for a little while until I started doing some research ...

I can't seem to find a lot of reviews that support the 5750, so I'm turning to the "experts".

In your guys' opinion, is the 5750 a good buy? Would the GTS250 or the 9800 GTX+ be a better buy? I'm so torn right now on what to get.. I've seen so many reviews that support the GTS250/9800GTX, other that support the 4750, etc, etc, etc.

I'm open to any opinions, and I'm also wondering what DX11 will do for me seeing as how I will be upgrading to Windows 7 after this semester is over.

Thanks all!
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  1. Considering the low price difference, it is worth going for a 5770 over a 5750.

    The 5750 is about the same power as a gts250/9800gtx, probably a little bit more powerful but nothing much between them. The 5770 is another step up, well worth the extra (assuming it's not too much).
  2. Alright, I"ll take that into consideration. Anybody know how much of a difference there is between a 5750 and a 5770?

    I'm still open to more opinions!
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