Which Cooler for OCing 2500k in Fractal Design Core 1000

I plan on OCing a i5-2500k (ASRock Z68 PRO3-M w/low profile Samsung memory) inside a Core 1000.

The case supports CPU coolers with height of 135mm.

I was originally going to use a Hyper 212, but realized it won't fit in the case.

Any recommendations for an alternative cooler?

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  1. How much do you want to spend?
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    Could go with the 92mm zalman fan/hsu or the corsair h60 water cooler. Both provide very good cooling to an OC i5-2500k
  3. Sorry, I should have stated my budget in op.

    I'm looking to spend under $50 unless there is a really good reason to go above it.

    I was looking at the h60 earlier and my only concern is it leaking.

    The zalman fan looks good so far. I'm going to look at some more reviews right now.

  4. corsair h***s rarly leak and currently the h60 is only $55 at amazon.
  5. I was close to buying the h60 before posting op because I saw that it was on sale at amazon for 55. Is it my best bet or are there alternatives I should consider?
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  7. I ended up buying the zalman 92mm. Thanks for the help.
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